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General News · 13th October 2012
Bill Dougan
Hello Mr. Drew, I feel I must respond to you’re most recent posting on the Tideline in regards to the possible logging of by IT.
In you’re letter you state “ Taking on our rather defenceless - but job creating - corporate citizen seems like poor sport in a down economy when many of our young people are leaving **the island for work.”
IT is far from defenseless, they have money and lawyers and teams dedicated to protecting their “investments”. They spend millions of dollars a year lobbying governments, they are owned by Brookfield Asset Management , which has assets of over 20 billion ( 2010) . I would not consider this company to be defenceless.
Job Creating? , as of 2010 IT had 100 employees none of them living on Cortes Island. When I asked IT at a recent meeting , how many jobs they were looking at creating on Cortes during their logging, they gave a straight up and honest answer….none. It is true that many young people have left Cortes over the last 4 years but logging by IT is clearly not going bring any of them back.
You go on to state that “
Suggesting passive solutions to the plight of our forests - nature will solve our forest ills if we create more parks and map the wet areas and wait long enough - seems to be both unaware and uninformed. Suggesting we prevent sensible development on the premise that we mustn’t break up the forest is ludicrous when we all live on **subdivided forest land” I was unaware our forests had these “ills” what are these ills you speak of?
The argument that we all live on subdivided land and in wooden houses so therefore we shouldn’t be against any logging is a false one. No one could ever make a sensible argument to cease all logging , anywhere. But environmentally responsible logging , within what each community deems acceptable, is not to much to ask for. I don’t consider logging in this case to be a “ sensible development” for Cortes ,as you mention.
Further down I question youre reasoning with the following “Before we mobilize around some off-island driven, anti-logging agenda - with its pseudo-environmental values, its professional revolutionaries, its desire to control - let us remember that our island’s way of life - our soul, even - is badly in need of protection. “ Why is it that whenever there is a local group of people opposed to something that they deem to be environmentally wrong that they are always victims of some far away organization and its professional revolutionaries?????? I really don’t get this argument. Are you saying that locals are too gullible or too simple and have been taken in by some far away evil force that they are unable to resist or that locals cant think for themselves and make informed judgements. Are you implying, as well, that these far away evil forces are really after our souls ? Hyperbole has never been a good tool in reasonable arguments.
You finish off by stating “. However, if the consequences of your railing against IT adds to divisiveness and walks-over the rights of others, I say take a yellow card. Remember that “Playing nice!” is an early beginning of most moral codes.” I totally agree with this Mr Drew but playing nice means listening to each other, and making arguments based on facts not fiction.

Bill Dougan