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General News · 24th September 2012
Mark and Diane Lloyd
Over this past summer, some people who visited our “Lloyd’s Family Take-Out” saw a sign on our property that says “Jesus is Lord” and asked “Why Jesus?”.
In responding to this question, my husband (Mark) and I were able to share a little about ourselves, “why Jesus” for our lives and what brought us to this “crisis of belief”. Since we have closed our “Take-Out” for the season, we felt lead to share the following with you in case others have questions about “Why Jesus” for their life.

We all know that there comes a time in each of our lives when we are faced with a “crisis of belief” about who we are, what defines us and what gives our life purpose and meaning. For some, this crisis can happen in the younger years of life while for others, it happens in the mid-later years.

Regardless of when it happens, it is how we respond to this crisis that matters: we can use the opportunity to learn more about ourselves (spiritually, mentally and emotionally) and move forward as our paradigms shifts in the process or remain the same and allow unhealthy fears to keep us in bondage to the lies of the “enemy of our soul”.

Usually, life experiences are what bring us to crisis(es) of belief and our responses to these experiences help us discover who we are and subsequently shape and develop our character and outlook on life. In my life and that of my husband, the quest for truth as a result of personal and physical as well as “near death” and death experiences during mountain climbing expeditions and treks and scuba/wreck diving excursions, along with consulting work designed to help facilitate the transition of dysfunctional work environments into ones that are more reflective of healthy, proactive respectful environments, have been instrumental in shaping our character, outlook on life and responses to our own respective ‘crisis of belief”.

What has proven to be true over and over again through our life experiences is that in order to move forward in life with passion and purpose, one must operate in truth and courage: the courage to face one’s own fears and unhealed spiritual and emotional pain/hurts, the courage to walk truthfully in love and compassion without compromising your own beliefs, the courage to forgive others and/or ourselves, and the courage and genuine desire to break free of unhealthy thought and behavioural patterns that can keep you in bondage to the lies of the “enemy of our soul”.

And as you do, you gain a fresh perspective on life with a renewed sense of focus and purpose about who you are and develop a passion and desire to live a rich and abundant spiritual life that models an attitude of gratitude and of “servant” leadership.

We all have unique personalities, giftings, abilities and opinions which makes life so exciting, interesting and challenging! But when we operate from a paradigm of unhealthy fear, that excitement, challenge and rewarding part of life’s journey dims and we leave ourselves open to other undesirable influences from spiritual and natural realms. Operating out of this type of fear can also cause us to act in ways not reflective of our true character. Fear is masked by different names, to name a few: pride, control, intimidation, gossip, perfectionism (differs from excellence), denial, blaming others, and substance abuse, all things that ultimately only hurt us, our character and those around us. If we have an overriding fear of “man” and the need for “man’s” approval (people pleasing) in order to feel accepted and often, loved, our true growth potential and beliefs in who we really are become stifled and we will never experience true freedom in the spirit.

Prior to meeting each other years ago, my husband, Mark and I had given our respective hearts over to Jesus after realizing that this was the truth that each of us had been seeking. Since being married, we have found that an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus that we now share as individuals and as a married couple has helped us to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally in ways that we could never imagine. We have come to experience and understand His unconditional love, his true character and who we are in Christ. By so doing, spiritual blinders get removed from our eyes and we see and understand life/ circumstances and events through “His” eyes, not the eyes of “man”. It is an ongoing exciting adventure and path of discovery that is evidenced by the manifestation of “the fruit of the spirit” and “freedom in the spirit” as we mature in our spiritual walks.

You yourself may be experiencing a “crisis of belief” right now and have come to a juncture in your life where you are seeking answers to questions about who you are, what defines you and what gives your life purpose and meaning. You may even have been hurt by “the church” in the past. Even though our “Lloyd’s Family Take-Out” is officially closed for this year as of September 22nd and will not be re-opening until mid-May 2013 (possibly in December for a couple of weeks), if you want to know more about “Why Jesus” for your life, feel free to send us an e-mail at We would be happy to share with you and respond to your enquiries.

Mark and Diane Lloyd, Hosts
Lloyd’s Family Take-Out