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General News · 20th September 2012
Chief James Delorme
RE: Real Cortes Islanders, published September 14th, 2012

Klahoose First Nation has been on Cortes Island and the surrounding areas for time immemorial. We are the original people of this island and we are also the stewards of our lands. We are humble people who have been respectful of the non-native community on Cortes Island and far reaching for many years.

It has come to my attention Mr. Levesque that you have published a questionable article in the Island Marketer called, ‘Real Cortes Islanders (RCI)’.
The article which has your name attached to it sounds like a mock group that you created to make a point across to the public about your disdain for people on Cortes Island. I can only assume this because if it was your intentions to publish this as truth, then I would say you were looking to offend Klahoose First Nation members.
You would also upset any person who you would consider an ‘Indian’. The message would have been clear to me as you stated in your message, “No Indians please.”

It could be your intention was not to offend any Klahoose members, but the article speaks for itself. You should know that our Nation members who have read this article are very upset and I agree with them being so.

It is my hope that you will publicly apologise for your error in judgement and provide a suitable reason for your actions to our Nation and our Council and to all First Nations people.

I won’t make this a history lesson but I should note that First Nations people have had our share of suffering and we wish to cease being victims at the hands of the general public and government bodies.

James Delorme
Chief Councillor, Klahoose First Nation
Box 09, Squirrel Cove, B.C. V0P 1T0

Article: REAL CORTES ISLANDERS (RCI) 1st Annual General Meeting RCI’s! Let’s gather and celebrate our endless old forest for harvesting and our waters teeming with fish. Who says the world changes? We can keep living off the fat of the land. It’s a lot easier. This island is ours. Those who disagree aren’t friends and can’t come home! Our roots go deep (some of us go as far back as 40-60 years! (That’s a long time). No Indians please. Contact Michele Levesque