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General News · 23rd August 2012
Dianne Bersea
While waiting for the ferry at the Cortes Island terminal on a recent trip to Campbell River, our remote-entry car key seemed to be accidentally firing and locking our car doors. After the car doors had spontaneously locked several times and I had manually unlocked them, we placed the car key on the console where it was visible and untouched by anyone. The car doors continued to lock spontaneously several more times. I keep looking around to see if someone nearby was using their remote key. No one was visible. But obviously something wireless had to be firing on a similar band. When I finally looked to my immediate right I was startled to see a new smart meter on a ferry service shed about eight feet from the car and squarely focused on our vehicle window. Coincidence? What do you think? What other wireless systems (like security systems & our own bodies) might be affected? What of smaller electrical systems like hummingbirds? Bees?

The above photo is a somewhat enhanced photo of the actual meter.
No more doggy resting area, not to mention a huge bill.
Comment by Dan DeCicco on 29th August 2012
I am an island part-timer and was lucky (unlucky?) enough to receive one of these State side (without my permission). My dog always had a nice shady spot he would rest that was next to the old style meter. Once the "smart" meter was installed, he hasn't slept in that spot once. Maybe he just found a new spot he likes more or maybe it is something else. I can't say for sure if it was the new meter, but I tend to look at the downside of these things after opening the first bill and it increased 250%. If my dog doesn't want to be around it, neither do I.
Comment by Jason V on 23rd August 2012
Had the same thing happen on Roberston Road on Sunday, inexplicable car door locks go to locked and unlocked . . . but I was at least 100 ft from a not-so-smart meter. What is going on ?