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General News · 16th August 2012
Jack Wills

Smart Meters about to be installed on our homes and businesses emit radio frequencies that are classed as a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization.
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine has this to say:  “The AAEM concludes that SIGNIFICANT BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS occur from non thermal RF (radio frequency) exposure”

According to the B.C. Public Health Act:
Role of local government
83  (1) A local government must do all of the following:
(a) if the local government becomes aware of a health hazard or health impediment within its jurisdiction, take an action required by a regulation made under section 120 (1) (a)

The following Regional Districts and cities have declared a moratorium on Smart Meter installations:

North Vancouver City
Powell River
Kootenay Central Regional District
Nanaimo Regional District
Hornby Island
Saanich District
Sunshine Coast Regional District

In addition, 44 other municipalities and districts have also declared a moratorium on the installation of these meters.

If Cortes Islanders do not want this harmful, invasive bit of technology imposed upon us,
Write to your Regional Director, you are paying her, she works for you.
Look at
Download and send your letter of refusal
Print and post “Do Not Install” sign at your meter.
Print and post “No Trespassing” sign at your meter.
Lock up your existing analog or digital meter.

RE locking... We are temporarily out of meter locks at the moment........ BUT.......more are being made right here on Cortes Island, and will be available soon!

The "significant biological effects" of these Smart Meters affect not only us, and our kids, they also affect (thanks Dianne B.) birds, pollinating insects and we don't really know yet what else.
Stop these things.