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General News · 28th July 2012
Richard Trueman
The Old Schoolhouse Gallery in Whaletown hosts two artists, Ester Strijbos and Janny Thompson in a show called Connected. This Friday opening night was well attended.

Esterís work, very popular, has blossomed with new glazes, colours and images, while Jannyís has dramatically changed from her work shown in this gallery some 5 years ago. Her vision is strong, graphic and evocative. Part of the artistsí statements below...

Ester Strijbos
Everything you see in my pots for this show is what I see from my office window. Colourful flowers carefully planted by Doreen, the birds that sit on the tree stump waiting for strawberries to ripen and the swallows that circle around our garden every spring, sourcing out good spots for their home. The tall trees with all sorts of different leaves and colours, the rippling pond and the Canadian geese in a large V in the sky. Thatís how my pieces are connected by what I see through a 4x6 window while working. Itís a miracle I get any work done. I started creating sets when Janny told me over the phone how people would be connected if they would end up with only part of a series. I thought that was such a fun idea.

Janny Thompson
Ester and I developed the idea for this show while visiting in the Thanksgiving sunshine in Whaletown last fall.... In the course of our conversation, we became excited about the idea of exploring variations on a theme, of creating a series of pieces that were connected in some way but not the same.... Moved by our joint excitement (and temporarily oblivious to the time and effort required to translate our October enthusiasm in to a mid summer show), we proposed Connected, in which we explore the possibilities for variation with sameness, the potential for creativity within the limits of relationship.

This show continues for two weeks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 27 to August 5th. Friday 6 - 9 PM, Saturday and Sunday 2 - 6 PM
Flower arrangement by Ruth Ozeki
Flower arrangement by Ruth Ozeki