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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Episode 54: ChupaQuatchaNessiePogo
Episode 54: ChupaQuatchaNessiePogo
JT comes in hot as Jason Justice & tells a tale of a dick at the lake and sticking up for sweet old ladies. We also talk wedding photos, dating waitresses and the etymology of fancy names. We ask Why Do They Call It Sleep In Your Eyes? and BG talks weird sleep experiences. We discuss bird trust and why we trust handling some animals but not others? We get on a weird tangent and talk about loch ness monster on a spit roast and other delicious cryptid BBQ. We invent the ChupaQuatchaNessiePogo which we're sure is as delicious as it sounds. We talk about how many animals we tried riding before realizing horses were cool with it. We figure out the logistics of Dragon Animal Husbandry and ask If you could ride any animal, What would you ride?
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