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Notices, Workshops & Rides: The Community of Cortes is Loosing it’s way?
Written in 1942, Arthur E. Morgan wrote what he saw as worrying disinterest in small towns. The world was coming out of terrible times as the world now does seem to be in terrible times!
“The controlling factors of civilization are not art, businesses, science or government. These are the fruits! The roots of civilization are elemental traits - good will, neighbourliness, fair play, courage, tolerance, open mindedness, inquiry and patience.
To erode small town (or Island) culture a neglected community will make an orphan in a unfriendly world” caused by selfish disregard of and for others, “despising, neglecting, exploiting and robbed.”
My observations on life and changes on Cortes as I observe, apply what I write where you will. Myrna