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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Re: Power out
Thanks for posting about the low voltage. It is indeed a whole community problem. Yes to better infrastructure, yes to burying some of the lines, yes, my patience with outages is also wearing thin.

As far as I know, the major power draws are heating living space and heating hot water.

Light bulbs draw next to nothing, and the energy used by indoor light bulbs is mostly heating the space. Computers draw more power, but that also mostly ends up heating the space they're in. If I'm heating my house with electricity, turning off my computer just makes the heater work harder without changing my overall energy consumption.

What to do? Live colder, insulate better or find different sources of power so we're not drawing our heating energy from the grid? I'm in favour of the latter, for community resilience and independence from BC Hydro, just not sure how to implement it. What I actually did was put plastic insulating film on my single-pane windows, and it sure helped keep my house warm in this last outage.

I think power use is relevant to the question of how many communications towers we want on Cortes and how strong we want their signals to be, because towers draw a lot of power and it's only heating the outdoors... unless it's heating your brain. I'm still working on understanding that part.