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Jobs & For Hire: Looking for work
I just moved near the gorge for the next 3 months and im looking for temporary work to help pay the rent and possibly save up a little.

I am willing to
-clean houses, rvs, garages, boats and lands
-work in retail or as a dishwasher
-help out with any house chores
-try to help out with mechanical issues (for really cheap as i am still learning)

I am willing and have experience to
-assist people living with dissabilities
-be a child educator for children under 5
-teach arts (i have a bachelor in art education)
-work in a youth center (i dont know if there is one on the island)
-help with sewing (im saving up for a machine atm)

If you're not sure if i could be of help for what you had in mind, feel free to send me a message and i will answer as quickly as the service permits me to do so.