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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Goblins in Fairy Creek
Goblins in Fairy Creek
Dear Cortesians

This is a Shout Out to all the Cortesians helping the Tree Protectors keep the Goblins out of Fairy Creek.

Greg J. a CKTZ DJ, aka the Highway Hippy, has been camped out there for over a week now and his latest End Of The Road Show airs today (Friday) from 3:00 0 6:00.

You can hear his Podcasts anytime here

or click the website link below.

I am posting this because, in his latest Episode, March 28, Greg speaks to what is happening there as well as the Gratitude the Protectors have for all the Donations that came from Cortes recently.

The most telling thing he mentions is that in just 9 months the 3% left of old growth has become 2.7%.

Mmmmmm, so my Math looks like this....2.7% ÷ .3 = 9 .

So Nine 9 month segments = 81 months. So in less than 7 years, if the Corporate Suits have their way, no more Old Growth on Vancouver Island.

Of course that won't happen because we will have a Conifer Zoo and a Tree Museum right??