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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Stop Killing Our Oldest
Stop Killing Our Oldest

They tickle the sky and hug the Earth
Words will never give worthy Blessing
This tear in my eye was given birth
By a sorrow that needs addressing

Their size humbles, their beauty amazes
Older than all else by centuries
This verse fumbles singing their Praises
Man should not have sold or spent for these

Not these greatest of Grandfathers and Grandmothers
not the Holy Green Giants of Western B. C.
Stop this latest Injunction and all others
leave Old Growth intact, let the Ancients be

Sovereign unto their own roots
Free to die from weather or age
Not from the slough of dark hearts in suits
who pay well all who engage

In the killing of each old growth tree
including Cedar, Fir, and Spruce
To those willing, forfeiting integrity
I challenge your legacy of abuse

Three percent that’s all, nothing more than that left
of the Tall Ones here before we were
These numbers appall, I am angry and bereft
doing what I can not to deter

From calling out those who pillage the splendour
who murder the oldest of Beings with impunity
By action or prose, by being fierce or tender
There are millions of us in now in Unity

From years gone by to just moments ago
from Clayoquot Sound to Fairy Creek
We hold Protectors nigh with hearts aglow
Who by their brave actions really Speak

Dancing Wolf
May 25, 2021