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Buy, Sell & Trade: Friday TokiBap Cafe- Toki To Go
Toki Bap Complete Take Out Meals Spring/Summer Menu:
Pre-order by Thursday 4pm. Email or text 250 201 5421 or call 935 6665 for order from menu and pick up time between 12-5:30.

April 24 Menu:
1. Malaysian coconut squash & sweet potato curry on basmati rice with quick smashed cucumber and carrot pickles & peanut butter cookie 16.50
2. Buddha bowl (steamed brown rice/ millet, slivered carrots & beet thread, sweet chili tofu puffs, wildflower produce mixed greens, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and dried cranberries, green onions, house kimchi & soya eggs with maple balsamic ginger dressing or traditional korean chili paste (ssamjang) & toasted sesame seeds, house kimchi & Peanut butter g.f. Cookie. 16.50
3. Asiago, artichoke, stinging nettle quiche, balsamic maple mixed green and apple salad & Dark Chocolate drizzled almond biscotti 16.50
4. Bento: 5 Steamed Shrimp, green onion and water chestnut dumpling with ponzu dipping sauce, shallot butter fried veggies with crispy tofu , steamed white rice & ginger lime cheese cake $22.50
5. House LAB liver fermentation Napa Cabbage Kimchi 500ml $7