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Buy, Sell & Trade: Seville Orange Sangria
Seville Orange Sangria
This is the time of year when Good Libations offers our Seville Orange Sangria. Yum!

Sangria is a Spanish fruit wine usually made by pouring a bottle of regular red wine into a punch bowl and then adding the same amount of sparkling water. This does two things: it cuts the alcohol level in half and makes a fizzy beverage. Then ice cubes are added along with chopped fruit. It's considered a 'patio' beverage because it's common to serve it at a social get together with guests ladling it into punch bowl cups. The lower alcohol level allows one to imbibe at a more relaxed pace. Easy enough to adapt it into a Covid style too.

Our version has all this done for you. The fruit is Seville Orange and the sweetness level is not overdone. You can have it carbonated or not. Many people like it just as a light summer drink right out of the bottle. The alcohol level is 6%.

For more information email us back or call us at 250-935-0126.

Cheers to our first truly summer beverage!

Doug & Loni