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Notices, Workshops & Rides: FRR#92 Astrological Test Drive
FRR#92 Astrological Test Drive
Join me tonight on Free Range Radio CKTZ 89.5 FM and as we gaze towards the stars to find some sort of coherence in these fascinating times.

According to all I have researched, over the next two weeks the heavens are aligning in a sequence, force and character never seen or experienced before.

Tonight we listen to 2 astrologers; one from America the other from Eastern Europe. One speaks of tribunals, justice and freedom while the other speaks of complete censorship, corporate domination of liberty and internment camps. Ouch!

These astrologers are looking at the very same planetary arrangements! HMMM…

Given that this is a vey short window of history, I thought it would be fascinating to compare notes and see what side of history the western world falls into. We have been given opportunity to ‘test drive’ the Oracles of the heavens.

* DISCLAIMER The most important things in life are relationship to Self, family, friends and community. I see the 3 ring circus of politics as an utter distraction and tool of division to afore mentioned life priorities. The interpretation of the stars is a cosmic weather report. If times are looking tough, I will plant more beans.