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Notices, Workshops & Rides: January classes via Zoom
January classes via Zoom
Winter classes: in PST Vancouver time.

1 class/week $50 for 4 weeks.
2 classes/week $90 for 4 weeks.
3 classes/week $120 for 4 weeks.

Pilates Fundamentals
12-1pm Mondays, January 11- Feb 1

Use your body/mind to activate, align, strengthen and lengthen your body from the centre outwards to create a supple spine and toned muscles.

Yamuna® Body Rolling *Ideal for people with rolling experience.
12-1pm Wednesdays, January 6 - 27

YBR® empowers you to release, tone and realign your own body. It is an educational, therapy and fitness practice.

Intro to Yamuna® Body Rolling
10:30-11:30am Wednesdays, January 6-27

Beginner class with explanations and demonstrations as to how and why we do the basic routines that cover the back, hips, neck and shoulders.

Intro to Essential Somatics

12-1pm Thursdays, January 14-Feb 4

Each class will involve slow, mindful movements lying down on the mat or seated in a chair. You will begin to notice what tension your body is holding on to and how to release it. With this skill of self-awareness you will begin to restore your freedom of movement.

Pelvic Floor Focus

10:30am -11:30am Thursdays, January 14- Feb 4

Align, release and tone the pelvic floor and true core. Learn Core Confidence tips for better function and prevention of issues related to pelvic floor dysfunction.
Great for all including aging bodies and postpartum 12 weeks