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Yet another case of abuse in the Gorge Marina Laundromat! I couldn't believe it! I came back after a one hour absence to get my clothes out of the dryer and one of my 2 soft black travel bags was nowhere to be seen! The really nice one! Gortex, top flap opening, side pocket, strap handles. Now I grant you, it was on the back table with its poor cousin (another soft black travel bag, of lesser quality) beside a box marked Free, but it was not IN the box!!! It was not for Free!!! Where else am I to leave my laundry bags??? Not on the laundry sorting table (which was covered in grit when I returned!!!) Clearly it has become unsafe to leave anything unattended at the laundromat! A sorry state of affairs! At least my clothes were still in the drier!Unlike Doug Hamel's, which were stolen from a drier there a few weeks back! Where are Dougie's work clothes??? I'd like my bag back. I'll be coming to the Marina tomorrow afternoon and am really hoping to find my bag returned there. Sorry if you thought it was free. My bad. Learned my lesson. Guess in the future, I have to hunker down with a book for the duration of the laundry, standing guard on all my stuff. Here's hoping...