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Notices, Workshops & Rides: FRR Medical Procedure
FRR Medical Procedure
Hello Free Range Folks,

Sadly I will not be able to do a show this Sunday Nov 1. The time in life has come for me to have an invasive medical procedure.

Those that have traveled this road before know what I am talking about. Extended periods of time purging one's innards of all such flotsam and jetsam that a human being tucks away in the folds and crevasses of our 30 foot snake of instinct.The digestive tract.

Yep its time for the official western medical version of the alien anal probe. A camera up my butt. Can you imagine our great grandfather's face when he was told that in the future the ole Kodak Brownie will inserted in the final orifice. Preposterous!

Jezze Louise.... Life has changed. Anyhoo...Not to get too intimate but I am sure it will provide some great material for anther show...

On the bright side I have 2 confirmed repeat interviews; Catherine Austin Fitts, one time Secretary of Housing and Urban Development under Bush 1. It was there she got a crash course in cleaning up fraud.

The other is the longest serving cabinet minister in Canadian history Paul Helleyer. Paul is 96 and has published his 16th book!

What a gift to have CKTZ in our midst. Its the only way I could do this work. See you Nov 7 with something old, something new, something borrowed, and a dash of how to!