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$75/session or three for $180

An invitation to enter a nurturing space of stillness and deep physiological rest ~

Our bodies are seeking balance and health in each and every moment, and are constantly sending us messages to tune in. When we can slow down enough to listen, honor, and offer our system the care we need, inherent health and healing can arise.

Learning to feel and trust one's body are essential ingredients to balance and wellness.

Sometimes our system may need a little extra support to connect inwards and find that slower, regulated state so conducive to healing and rejuvenation.

Together we can support your parasympathetic response to be more active and dominant.

As Andrea Bell from Good Therapy describes:

"Great things happen when we are parasympathetically dominant. Our breath is full, slow, and deep. The digestive system and metabolism works well.
The body can focus on repair, including reduction of inflammation, tissue repair, and healthy hormone production.
Subjectively, people feel fully present and alive...with more ease in body and mind."

An active parasympathetic means we have more capacity to stay calm and present in challenging situations.

Please email for inquiries or to book a session. Thank you!