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Jobs & For Hire: One Day $uper Helper --limited time offer!!!
Hi all. We have family company arriving TOMORROW (Thursday) NIGHT

--and guess what!? old story. we're just not quite ready.

The house is clean, but the cleaning needs tidying up. The carpentry is almost finished, and requires our one-person-on-deck to pay full attention.

The yard looks like it's shared by five children under 8 . . .

So you get the point: We could use some help. And family will help... but that's not what they're visiting for. (and we all know how 'that' can go. . . )

SO WE OFFER! How about $25/hr +all you can eat organic breakfast+lunch? There will be no rush or stress, and the jobs are really quite light. But we'd he relieved and happy to hire a steadfast sanity savior,

The fam arrive at 6. (on their first trips since, first reunion in time, and with a new babe, awww... seriously!)

OPEN TO OFFERS! Special Requests. Ransom!