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Notices, Workshops & Rides: FRR Update!
Hello Free Range Radio Folks,

I feel compelled to let you in on what is happening in the FRR creative process.

Previous to the Covid 1984 breakout, I pulled back from external responsibilities due to health reasons. Since then I have been involved in a meditation practise as laid out by Dr. Joe Dispenza, basically gratitude work.

I still feel the pull to do a show, but when I engage the energy is not there.

I am in the middle of something. I suspect that until I cross the unforeseen finish line I need to conserve my energy to achieve this 'inner' task.

Sounds flakey, but that is the continual response
when I check in!

I love doing the show. It is challenging and rewarding and I apologize for not 'creating content'. I am always processing possible shows, but it may be the fall before I complete this 'internal' task and get back to the microphone. As always I will post on tidelines if any change occurs.

Gratitude boosts your immunities and I am very grateful to live here, have Cortes Radio and all you FRR folks to connect with. Remember we can still say 'I love You' from 6 feet away!