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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Whom do we want to protect?
In response to Tony's post, "Beware the Pyrrhic Victory"

Yes, we have many priorities to balance in these changing times. No, let's not protect our jobs, businesses or economy for their own sake. They're just tools, means to an end. Thinking of the economy as an end in itself is part of what's gotten us into stressful times in the first place.
Instead, let's think seriously about how to balance the needs of all people, those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 and those who are not so vulnerable.
Some needs that come to my mind as being potentially compromised (or already compromised) are:
---Food security,
---Social interaction,
---Meaningful work (can take many forms, with or without pay),
---Individual freedom, security of person, the ability to make our own life choices without excessive government interference

And, yes, absolutely, let's share ideas about these in all the ways that are still safe and accessible to us.