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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Community Woodgas-engine
Woodgasification is a simple technology to transform wood into a combustible gas.

Magic, you say? Indeed....

With a proper woodgasifier, an internal combustion engine can be fueled from wood, with biochar as a by-product.

This technology was at its peak during WW2, when over 1million units were in operation.

We have the skill and knowledge to build a pallet sized unit that can power a V8 engine, or a spark ignited (modified) diesel.

That is correct: wood powered truck, generator etc.

A wood gasification unit is available off the shelf as a “Power Pallet”.

Or a handful of us with some game and a little cash can invest in our community in a new way.

An on island build is conservatively estimated at a cost $10,000 for the gasifier. We can find an old engine to practice on easily, one is already available.

Our community can have an on island energy source for mobility and essential services, with a regenerative fuel supply. This energy source can double as s regular fuel source for value adding lumber, such as using the electricity from a generator to power the mill, and the excess heat to power a kiln and heated greenhouse.

If you are interested in the plans ( already purchased and available for sharing through drop box) or contributing send an email.

And remember, love is the most contagious thing of all.

Love, love, love