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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Hall Tax Correction
In the latest Marketer there is a chart showing how your taxes will be effected by the 75% approval of Bylaw 341.
Though the numbers are correct , it is stated below the chart that the hall tax has already gone up past the 89$ discussed prior to vote .
The vote was changed from a parcel tax , which would have amounted to 89$ per parcel to a rate based on your properties value . Therefore someone with a 100 000 tax evaluation will be paying much less then the 89$ talked about 10 years ago but someone whos property is worth $500 000 will be paying more then the 89$ .
One thing that has not changed is the amount to be raised cannot go over the 80 000 $ amount .
Therefore the amount of taxes collected has NOT gone up , it is just charged differently based on your property value .
I think its important to always be dealing with actual facts