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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Free Range Radio #72 R.I.P. Terry Jones of Monty Python
Free Range Radio #72 R.I.P. Terry Jones of Monty Python
Tune in to FRR this Sunday night 730 pm to 930 pm on CKTZ 89.5 FM or for an appreciative and historical romp through the wit, wisdom
and all out wackiness of Monty Python and one of its founding members Mr. Terry Jones. Terry joins the first Python to pass on, Graham Chapman who died in 1989, to wreak havoc and humour and love in the Great Beyond.

Tonight I shall pluck from YouTube and personal archives some the best bits, the naughty bits and the staggering foresight of this remarkable crew of jesters. All Oxford trained and all dead set against the repressive English formal school system.

These lads broke from the pack with absurd and profound skits that not only stand the test of time - they have predicted the audacious outcome of a society that just can’t laugh at itself.

It will be fun, unpredictable and hopefully shine a light on the profane genius of this
guiding light of goofs. I want to drop into their influences, their maturation and finally the body of work that had its arms cut off, its legs removed and yet still keeps fighting in the face of time to remain as all great Art does; Untouched.

And Now for Something Completely Different.