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Coffee Storage

*NEVER store your coffee in the fridge. Moisture from the condensation collects on the beans and degrades them. The very best coffee won't be that way long if stored in the fridge.

*If you purchase your coffee in a bag that has a valve on it, and you will use the pound within the week, just keep it closed up tight after opening.

*For those occasional coffee drinkers who can actually make a pound last longer than a week, they should take out what they WILL use in the week and the rest can go in the freezer in an airtight container.

*Unopened coffee bags (airtight/valved) can be put in the freezer for 1 month without any noticeable degradation.

*It is IMPORTANT not to let the frozen coffee defrost while exposed to the air. If you are removing coffee from a bag to go back into the freezer, get it moved and get both containers closed up quickly. If you just have a bag that will be coming out of the freezer, and will stay out, leave it closed until it has defrosted.

Coffee Preparation
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Fun Facts from our growing partners

What is Coffee?
Coffee is the seed of a cherry from a tree, an evergreen that grows to heights of 20 feet. They grow from sea level to approximately 6,000 feet, in a narrow subtropical belt around the world. The three major growing regions in this belt are: Latin America and the Caribbean Islands , Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and Indonesia. To simplify harvesting, the trees are pruned to
8 to 10 feet.

Coffee cherries ripen at different times, so they are predominantly picked by hand. It takes approximately 2,000 Arabica cherries to produce just one pound of roasted coffee. Since each cherry contains two beans, your one pound of coffee is derived from 4,000 coffee beans. The average coffee tree only produces one to two pounds of roasted coffee per year, and takes four to five years to produce its first crop.