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NEW OFFERING - Espresso Blend What crema! Think nuts, blueberries, caramel notes. Brazil, Central American, and 2 different Ethiopian coffees, all roasted to their sweet spot make up this wonderful espresso.

French Roast Blend Our best seller! A blend of Latin American, African and Indonesian coffees. Currently, our darkest roast blend; it is bold, full bodied with a clean finish. If you like a dark roast that is not bitter, this is it. People are CRAZY for it!

Early Ferry Blend A blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees roasted medium-dark with a medium roasted Brazil blended into the mix. This blend appeals to both camps of the medium v/s dark roast coffee drinkers. It is full flavoured, smooth yet bright. Get to the ferry on time with this delicious breakfast or anytime blend.

Leaping Lizards! This is good
A wonderful recipe by a great roasting friend in Tucson, Arizona. This is a medium roasted blend of Costa Rican, Sumatran, and Ethiopian Wild Forest. It's smooth and very full bodied blend.

Discovery Roast Blend This blend is medium roasted Central/South American and Ethiopian coffees. It is a medium bodied, full flavoured blend. Great brewed or pressed

Moka Java This is a blend of dark & medium roasted East African and Indonesian coffees. This blend is very full bodied, intense flavour and exotic. No, this does not have chocolate in it. The Moka refers to country of origin (Yemen), the birthplace of coffee!

El Salvadoran Pacamara - A very special coffee from Batres Farms of El Salvador. This coffee has a few sweet spots. Medium roasted it has wonderfully delicate jasmine, slightly citrus notes. Roasted a bit darker and you start to taste some hints of chocolate.

Swiss Water Process Decaf Currently, we are roasting a SWP blend that is versatile as a medium or dark roasted decaf, and may be used as a drip, french press or espresso coffee. Roasted to order.

Roasting Style

At Becca's Beans, each coffee is roasted to it’s "sweet spot", then carefully blended. Proportions are based on the different coffees and their job in the blend. Detailed notes are kept on time and temperature, weight loss, and temperature curves. This is a much more time consuming way of roasting, but we feel yields a much more complex, consistent coffee. Coffee roasting is part Science, part Art. You must understand the chemical changes that are happening during the roasting process, should I reduce the flame at this point, increase/decrease airflow, all these things become very important in the final stages of the roast. Only then can the Roastmaster know when to "Drop the Coffee", when to stop the coffee from roasting too far, crossing the line from having an exceptionally delicate flavor and aroma, to a blackened bean. This is how the art of roasting is perfected, for every batch.