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Notices, Workshops & Rides: To the vandal who hates democracy
You should be ashamed of yourself. You have now destroyed at least three NDP signs that I'm aware of. You have also destroyed Green signs. You drove into at least two and you were obviously motivated to destroy this newest one.

You must not be very confident in your worldview if just the sign of an alternative or opposing viewpoint is enough to cause this sort of reaction.
This demonstrates to all of us that you feel insecure and threatened by other people's worldviews and that your own lacks integrity.

This intolerant and antidemocratic behaviour is part of the breakdown of civil discourse. Civil discourse or debate is essential in a democracy and without it people are unable to make informed or wise choices.

We need to be able to respectfully engage in conversation and debate in order to make the best political decisions possible. We should be able to respectfully disagree with eachother without resorting to vandalism.

But don't worry, we heard you loud and clear. Your deeds scream intolerance and weakness.

PS are you the one who also keeps stealing NDP signs from corners?