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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Toxic Road dust? respiratory distress? Who can I ask?
I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing a sore, irritated throat and nose and wheezing/coughing after cycling or walking on the newly laid down gravel/tar undercoat road work that is in patches all over Cortes.
I noticed that for two nights in a row I had mild respiratory symptoms of shortness of breath and wheezing/tight chest, and a scratchy throat. Both those days I had cycled to Hague Lake from siskin lane, as well as down to Hansen Road on Sutil Point, both places with the new road substance laid down. I realized that it might be the road dust specifically from these patches, so I made an effort for the past three days to not cycle on it, and when driving, close my windows and put the air vents on re-circulate. My symptoms completely disappeared.
I would like to know why the community is not notified of potential impact on those with compromised respiratory systems (of which I don't actually have, i.e. asthma), and if anyone knows how long this irritating dust might be rising from this road substance. I don't even know of whom I should be asking these questions. Thanks to anyone who has information.

Jodi Peters