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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Isle Sing New Fall Session
Do you love to sing but feel shy or unsure about singing with others? Do you worry about being good enough to sing in a choir?

Isle Sing was created with you in mind!

The intention of Isle Sing is to inspire and support people who wish to integrate singing into their everyday lives. All songs are taught by call and response . You do not have to read music.

Every voice is welcome in Isle Sing. Everyone can sing if given the opportunity and support. Once attention moves from the individual voice to the voice we create together, people are often surprised at the results and how good their voice sounds when singing with others.

During an Isle Sing evening, we give our bodies and minds an opportunity to engage in creating something wonderful in the moment. We are not rehearsing for a future performance but are fully enjoying the songs and the harmonies as we sing them.
The opportunity to sing at a coffee house or special Cortes event might arise and is optional for group members.
Each Isle Sing session includes fun warm-ups, new songs from a variety of traditions and revisiting old favorites. Lots of laughing, heaps of feel good serotonin, and a repertoire of songs to share with family and friends.
Join us for our new 10 week Fall Session:
Sept 18 to November 20.
Manson's Hall upstairs 7:30 to 9pm