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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Response to Concerns about Women’s Centre at LoveFest
Regarding Johnathan’s earlier post about the Women’s Centre:

I could not find the article you referred to in your previous post to express my feedback but in any case I find your frustrations alarming. It is important that women (self-identified and non-binary) have access to a safe space. Cis males over 13 do not need to be included in this particular safe space, especially when their presence may cause stress for women who have experienced trauma.

There is nothing political about supporting a Women’s Centre. You cite the promotion of ‘inherent victimhood’ as a concern and I find that contradictory to the general tone of your post implying that men are, in this situation, a persecuted demographic. I encourage you to examine the root motivations for your opposition to this cause, and to be mindful of the reality of abuse from the perspective of people who are not men (this reflection does not negate the experiences of men, but we do not have to be the focus of every issue.)