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Notices, Workshops & Rides: DOG RUNNING DEER
This morning I was nearly knocked down by a deer bounding out of the bush into my yard. The deer was being pursued by a medium sized black/white mottled and spotted short-hair dog. I yelled at the dog, it reversed its course and left without further harassing the deer.
This particular deer is a doe with 2 fawns who have been grazing in the neighbourhood. They do not need to be chased.
Control your dog. Running deer, not good.

This particular dog has been seen chasing other deer, apparently a habit. It is not the dog's fault, but that of an irresponsible owner.

This deer running by dogs often causes broken legs and death for the deer (and starvation for her fawns). It also can result a large fine for the owner or worse, a dead dog.

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"Pet owners are responsible for the actions of their animals. Police and conservation officers can destroy a dog found to be chasing deer or harassing wildlife, and owners can be fined up to $5,000 under the Wildlife Act."

Need we say more?