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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Community spirit
Just a note to the funny cartoons Cortes marketer is sponsoring, how come you don’t sign your work?
Yes you have caught our attention. So just a little feedback:
1. did you depict the WCCA as wolves or foxes? Are wolves worst than foxes? Izabel, Rose, and the rest of the crew are pretty foxy, But I have never heard them to wolf whistle...
2. Pigs are extremely intelligent, was it your intent to compliment Mary, Mark, and Claudia, ‘cause really they are very smart.
3. Your cartoons seem to smear my community, with I suspect your intention to strum up dissent and division, and breed fear, anger and suspicion. Yet your math is pretty poor: there is not just 2 side, us against them, when in fact there are multiple perspectives on this issue of hall tax versus the general fear of blanket government taxes...
4. Your last edition, with the fat sheep ‘ mansplaining’ the truly sad...yet have you actually seen the look of relief when a sheep is shorn? Their run for joy from being freed from their ‘ willnots’.
5. Thank you for creative drawings...just maybe think a bit deeper, that’s all.
Susan John,
Your neighbour, community member and hall participant.