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An Oracle translates a problem or question into a language of image and symbol like that of dreams. It changes how you experience a situation by revealing the inner forces that are shaping it. Your anxieties, fears and desires emerge to be recognized and resolved, and hidden transformative energies are released.

The Journey Oracle has 47 double-sided cards and a book of Oracle pronouncements and teaching stories. These enable you to conduct the unique Dream Journey reading based on the dream analysis of C.G. Jung and a shamanic journey to the spirit world.

The reading is based on chance. Four cards are drawn randomly, representing sequentially the situation, your experience in the situation, the change that is calling you, and the resolution sought by your inner wisdom. By singling out images, aspects of nature and dream-like pronouncements, chance empowers forces to speak that are beyond your conscious control.

When you take a journey into your unconscious wisdom. the Journey Oracle dialogues with your imagination--the creative root of life.

Journey Oracle boxed set of cards and book: $42.00
Kristen Scholfield-Sweet
pobox 113
Whaletown  BC  v0p1z0
Phone: 250 935-6464