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Notices, Workshops & Rides: EVs on Cortes: interested in a show day?
There are quite a few EVs on Cortes Island now -- ranging from electric-assist bicycles to full size cars. The full-size cars include at least one Tesla, a couple of Leafs and a Bolt; there may be more I don't know about! I was wondering whether folks would be interested in some kind of mini EV Expo?

What I'm imagining is a casual one-afternoon show-n-tell event in a central location such as Mansons Hall parking lot. Owners would bring their vehicles and be willing to stand by and talk about them; interested islanders could drop by, ask questions, see and touch real EVs, find out what the owners like and don't like about them, maybe get a short test ride, etc.

If anyone else thinks this might be a good idea (whether as an owner or not), drop me a line... if there is enough interest maybe we could put something together for April? All EVs welcome: scooters, bikes, trikes, cars, whatever. Would any island org be interested in sponsoring such an event?