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General News · 4th April 2024
Mercedes Grant
Mental Health and Well-Being As We Age

With the global landscape in particularly acute turmoil, from climate and biodiversity collapse to political chaos and increasing cost of living crises and an on-going pandemic, itís understandable that so many of us are navigating challenging mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Some might say that we are untouched by these issues on this tiny rock in the Salish sea, but the evidence and lived experience of many points to a different reality. Instead, we have a unique opportunity to foster a culture of inclusion and relative safety here, by facing these realities head on.

Highlighting healthy coping mechanisms for folks moving into their senior years is especially important within a toxic system that overtly reinforces aging as the end of usefulness and creativity. Itís never too late in life to consider adopting tools to support mental health and well-being.

While there seems to be a deluge of academic research into aging and mental health, there is actually still quite a void of practical resources for folks in this country. To help wade through what is available, you can find listed below a number of resources to help combat social isolation, depression and anxiety, in addition to highlighting resources for folks who are particularly at risk within colonial systems of oppression.

Lastly, itís important to consider that mental health is simply one aspect of the whole body, and is not separate from physical and emotional health and well-being. It is recommended to take a look at our past articles to learn more about physical and emotional health as we age, and consider the resources that are available.

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This handbook supports fostering affirming spaces and services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer older adults and presents best practice recommendations for the inclusion of LGBTQ older adults through the use of case studies and educational resources. It is informed by the lived experiences and organizing work of older LGBTQ communities and their allies.


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Cortes Island Walking Group //

DATE: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
TIME: 9:00am - 9:30am/10:00am
LOCATION: meet at Mansonís Hall parking lot

If youíre in need of physical and social support in your home, you can sign up for the Better at Home Program, and weíll set you up with some help! It is free for low income seniors, and market rate for seniors with an income above the BC average. You can read more about it here: