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General News · 18th March 2024
Linnaea Farm Tamara
March 23rd 10-12
Join Adam Schick, Linnaea Farm's veteran market gardener and educator, for a dynamic class merging two decades of hands-on experience.
As part of Linnaea Farm's HomeGrown series, our inaugural session is dedicated to the exploration of phenology and sense of place.
By honing our observation skills and delving into the intricate world of phenology, we cultivate not only a deeper appreciation for the natural world but also the practical tools to become better gardeners. Understanding the subtle cues and seasonal rhythms of the environment empowers us to make informed decisions in our gardens—from choosing the right time to plant to nurturing our crops in harmony with the earth's cycles. Through the lens of phenology, we gain insights that transcend the boundaries of the garden, enriching our lives and fostering a profound sense of stewardship for the land we call home. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Adam's wealth of knowledge and expertise! click on the link to sign up!