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General News · 25th January 2024
Dancing Wolf
Dear Cortesians

Many of you know Elke Finley and appreciate her for the gifts of Love and Healing she has shared here over the last 9 years.

So most of you will also know she has been very ill since last Autumn with a rare and relentlessly aggressive form of leukemia.

Tomorrow, January 26th, she is having a Stem Cell Transplant in Vancouver.

I don't have all the details but I do have a request in the form of my poem below.

If if poetry isn’t your thing and of course, if it is, please send Elke, her sister, her two sons and her best friend Michelle Vienne as much Love as you can.

Also my latest radio show Gently Does It features many songs that Elke played at our Awake In Me Dance Meditations she started offering with Madhurima Braaten in 2017 and continued until her illness.

Please tune in, if only for the two poems she recites in the show. Her Readings are extraordinary!!!

You can find the link below and because it’s a podcast you can scroll and pick and choose what you want to hear

I also hope the poem speaks to you

With Love and Gratitude

Dancing Wolf

Love Is Her Mother Tongue

Calling out to all Creation
To see our Elke through
To each and every Relation
I am reaching out to you

If you are a concerned friend
or a stranger willing and kind
I beseech you please to send
any healing thoughts you find

A Holy Pause now and again
over the next forty eight hours
to help her safely attain
healthy blood that empowers

Oh Good Spirits from above
in between and below
Her Mother Tongue is Love
so her heart is one you know

Do any glow brighter on this Earth
none that I have known
Yet best not to measure worth
Just treasure what she’s shown

Then share the Light who's only cost
is to keep it shining
So many Souls are lost
Love guides our realigning

Loving is truly what she does
so many have been Blessed
Sharing this with the World because
to not, leaves it under expressed

Beckoning each Four Legged One
who helped her Homesteading days
Beloved horses and dogs still run
in her heart in wonderful ways

Where ever you are, in whatever Realm
come nuzzle up to her please
The more Love at the Healing Helm
the gentler the journey through her disease

Where she will land none of us know
but like a well sung Hymn I know this
Elke’s Love will always show
It’s Sacred Symbiosis

With Light, with Truth, with Spirit
She has met Life with her whole Being
So Death she does not fear it
and that itself is Soul freeing

She sees into places very few do
and her vision is Plenty/Plenty
and her Love for many of you
the epitomy of ever so gently

Tears are falling and that’s alright
yet there is a vital truth to be heeding
When in doubt call in the Light
Our hearts know what she is needing

We see a nurturing network of healing
supporting Elke and her closest allies
Whether we pray when dancing or kneeling
we remember our love can Alchemize

Yes in this late hour as her Doctor’s prepare
and a Poet’s terror is by Love banished
All who cherish Elke do clearly declare
Her blood will be pure and illness vanished

Dancing Wolf
Jan 24 and 25, 2024