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General News · 17th November 2023
If you have kids going to the school on the Cortes, or kids going in the upcoming years, would you mind reaching out to the transportation department? or (250) 287 8808 ext. 2

The school bus route is about to change and the kids riding the bus from our area in Whaletown have a 1 hour bus ride to school and from school. That is 2 HOURS on the bus each day on Cortes, our little island!

It is not just our area that has an incredibly long bus ride. From Blue Jay's driveway, and all of Whaletown Road, it is 45 minutes and more on the bus.

At this point, we are driving our child to school one way each day (which is not very cost effective or great for the environment). This way, our 7 year old is not on the bus for 2 hours each day, just 1 hour.

What I would like to see, is 2 small busses for Cortes Island. So the pick-ups can be split up and the longest ride is 30 minutes.

We spoke to our new principal, who said the school has no say about this, so we have to reach out to the SRD about it... and the more people who speak out, the better.

Can you help by calling or writing to them?

I am so grateful for the bus, for the school, for living on this amazing Island. I would just like my kids to be able to take the bus to and from school and it not be 2 hours of their day sitting on the bus. Thanks for listening and helping if you can . or (250) 287 8808 ext. 2