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General News · 18th October 2023
SCCA - Cora
We all feel the warm fuzzy when someone holds a door open for another, helps someone with their groceries, offers assistance when it seems appropriate. We live in a community where many of us know one another, at least by sight, and are moved by witnessing or being subject to acts of kindness and compassion. We care, and we care that others care.

That is the kind of community we choose to live in. One of compassion and consideration of others.

When we get behind the wheel of a car, that willingness to help, and regard for others, should stay with us.

The Mansons Hall facility is above all for the community. The parking spots outside the post office that are designated Handicap Parking Only are the legally required accessible spaces for the entire Mansons Hall facility. There are THREE.

They are NOT short-term Post Office spaces.


The fourth space is a loading zone. Please keep this clear during mail delivery.

Everyone: Friday Market attendees, vendors, service crews, employees, volunteers, renters of the hall, post office goers.

The SCCA has recently received a number of complaints and incident reports involving the illegal parking of non-permitted vehicles in the accessible spaces. This is not only a legal concern regarding provision of accessible spaces to hall (and post office) users, but it is a serious concern for members of a caring community.

Using the accessible spaces when not necessary may not be just a simple inconvenience to someone else, it could mean denying someone access to post office and/or hall service.

Please acknowledge your advantage of mobility, and cede those spots to members of our town who require them in order to access the Mansons Hall facility and/or the post office. AT ALL TIMES.

Thank you for your consideration,
The SCCA Board of Directors