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General News · 13th January 2023
Gypsy Mama
Yes, today's the final day to submit a letter,
this is mine:
Dear Telus, Spectrum Victoria, and Safetech:
This is one more letter of objection to construction of the proposed cell phone towers on Cortes Island.
I understand there are multiple applications in process for at least two tower locations
File BC 109114 in Manson’s Landing Cortes Island, and File BC 109130 in Whaletown Cortes Island.

ALSO my letter today shall be kept on file serving as evidence of my objection to the current application proposals, and since one proposal is actually the third application for the same tower with a minor location change:
this letter shall also be kept on file for the purpose of providing my objection to any and all future applications or proposals for cell towers on Cortes Island which are:
a) lacking full transparent inclusive community involvement,
b) lacking comprehensive independent environmental and biodiversity studies
c) previously denied proposals being resubmitted as revised or new, by making minor changes such as moving location

My objections are:
no actual proof the proposed towers would improve cell service,
tower is unsightly, particularly being in a pristine ecologically sensitive area
tower is inappropriately located, much too close to residents
no evidence of community safety,
potential harm to local wildlife,
risking reduction of biodiversity,
no choice for humans or wildlife about being impacted by increasing radiating frequencies of whatever waves are being used

Many residents are highly sensitive people with health concerns and have chosen to live on Cortes because the reduced exposure to the electromagnetic waves from wifi and cell phone usage does improve their health and well being.
By installing more cell towers on Cortes you are causing harm to these people, I am one of these people, and so I speak from experience,

Please stop trying to boost the cell service by building more towers
Bring back our pay phones to the public docks
Please stop trying to increase cell data use by building more towers
Please stop harming wildlife by building more towers
Please stop saying you are future friendly, when building towers is destructing our natural world
Please be friendly now, building a foundation of friendship now supports a future to be friendly
and Please stop building towers that we certainly don/t need on Cortes.

Besides all your wonderfully proposed service improvements, your cell service has deteriorated severely in the last few years.
Seems to me that you provided better service in the past, using the older equipment that actually worked, I'd certainly be happy to have the solid reliable service that used to be the norm.

Please no more cell tower construction on Cortes before any properly conducted studies are completed and community approved.
Love always,
Karen Jones
244 Yakka Way,
Whaletown, BC
V0P 1Z0