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General News · 4th January 2023
Yulia Kochubievsky
Jan 13 is the deadline to write feedback about the proposal to build a cell tower in Mansons.

- two previous proposals in the same area were rejected by the community, with as many as 20% of Cortes residents writing against the last proposal in Jan 2021.
- this third proposal is similar in all ways to the Jan 2021 proposal, except it was moved a mere 100m to a site now about 200m away from a private home...

There are reasons why people do not wish to see cell towers built on Cortes as well as reasons why other people do. It isn't my purpose to debate this issue here. I would simply wish to suggest that, whatever our personal opinion on towers in general is, we can all support our friends who do not wish a tower to be built so very close to their homes.

In an island as sparsely populated as Cortes, there should be no reason why a tower should be built close to homes.

- the safety of living near cell towers is questionable at best (research that finds no harm is typically done on short term exposure to radiation, not the near 24/7 exposure when living near towers)
- the decline in property value near towers is well documented; once built, people may not be able to afford to move, that is assuming they are able to sell their home in the first place.


Please write a letter to Telus, in support of our friends, and say no to this proposed tower.
Or, you can sign an online petition here:

Please send feedback to the following 3 emails: (TELUS C/O Brian Gregg, SitePath Consulting Ltd. Phone: 778-870-1388) (ISED Innovation,Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) - Phone: 236-464-2500) (Safe Tech Cortes - Concerned Cortes residents & the Safetech Team)


The original tideline post by Telus:
Note: this post has only the email of Brian Gregg, the Telus lobbyist; please write to all 3 contacts listed above to ensure Telus is held fully accountable.