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General News · 3rd December 2022
Myrna Kerr
I have written before regarding my concerns about the Telus Tower, the placement so close to homes and have read more on the issue and the very small change to the Telus Placement is not sufficient to protect the humans and their animals.
The protest in Michigan, USA in 2019 against the placement of 5 G Towers was called by Emma Brandon, PhD “the 5G Apocalypse, The Extinction Event”, I only quote.
What has been asked by the Cortes Community is a reasonable request, to locate the tower further away from where people are living. I support this even though the tower does not impact personally on me in one sense, but that it impacts on the some of the community is an impact on all of us.
I recently read an article that a Dutch farmer had a tower put in his cows fields and immediately he had a significant drop in milk from his herd. The local government then had the 5G turned off. Why should we be interested? Because we celebrate each Baby born on Cortes, and their Mothers who are being natural mothers and breastfeeding with the perfect food for their babies. Think about the impact, not only on the good Mother attempting to produce the milk, and many of us did, but the suitability of those newborns to damage.

I ask for Telus to rethink what decisions they have made and listen to the Cortes Community and make the right decision so they are not accused of causing a 5G Apocalypse on Cortes.
Myrna Kerr