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General News · 24th November 2022
Manda Aufochs Gillespie
Explore the magic of scientific storytelling with the creators and scientists from the Hakai Institute who join host Manda Aufochs Gillespie and Cortes Island Academy students on this Friday's Folk U Radio at 1 p.m.

We will discuss science communication done well and Hakai's new short video series, including:

Long Story Shorts
Fun, quick, animated explainers about coastal science topics: broadcast spawning, hydrothermal vents, hermaphroditic marine animals, red tides, sexual dimorphism, ancient DNA, mixotrophy, bioluminescence, and ocean stratification
Series playlist:

Microworlds: Plankton
A series where we shrink down and discover the wonderful lives of the tiny, the miniature, the microworlds. This first season is all about the watery world of phytoplankton and zooplankton, and was filmed in collaboration with Hakai's "biomarathon" (as opposed to bioblitz) plankton biodiversity and microscopy team, who are based out of the Quadra Island field station. Topics include plankton 101, metamorphosis, predation, strategies to hide in the open ocean, eyes, and reproduction.
Series playlist:

Field Notes
The Morrison Creek watershed lies in the Comox Valley, not far from the backyards of two of our videographers. With the help of some trail cameras in a nearby forest, these wildlife filmmakers are capturing some amazing animal behavior. Watch as the subtle and intimate moments of these stories unfold over the course of a year.
Series playlist:

Bare Earth
From tracking receding glaciers critical to life as we know it, to discovering evidence of ancient life hidden deep within the caves of British Columbia, teams of Hakai Institute geospatial scientists and collaborators use a plane (the Airborne Coastal Observatory) outfitted with visual imaging technology that can strip away landscape layers to uncover what lies beneath. Join us as we set out with researchers to see what the bare-earth landscapes of our coast will reveal when seen from above—way, way above—in our newest series, Bare Earth.
Series playlist:

Leads: Kat Pyne, Meigan Henry; science team lead: Derek Heathfield

Coming soon: Whale Bones
On a sunny May morning in 2019, a humpback whale carcass is discovered on a quiet beach near the Hakai Institute field site on Calvert Island, British Columbia, Canada. Where did this whale come from? How did the animal die? And what would happen to the humpback next? This is the story of that whale, which will take us deep into the hidden lives of humpbacks, and will involve dozens of people untangling the threads of a mystery as they ready the humpback’s bones for a new purpose.

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