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General News · 14th November 2022
Ester Strijbos
Every year in June I think about the time Richard reached out to me in 2010 when he was trying to find someone to take over the Tideline. I did not realize at the time I would still be at it 12 years later, every day, 3+ times a day, rain or shine, power or no power, from home or while on the road. Every June I want to write an update, and before I know it, it's November.

People ask me all the time why I still do it, and I have to say that the only reason I continue to take on this commitment is that I think it is such a valuable asset to the community I care about so much ❤️ A place where you can buy good secondhand items, sell or give away things for free, ask for things, post workshops, share experiences, stay up to date and share your photos for all to enjoy. A place where the phonebook lives, the webcams are easily available and your local stores and services can be found. We try and keep it updated and share important news as much as possible, and we rely on you to submit updates, post events, dances and workshops.

Think about all the things you have enjoyed over the last years that you found out about on the Tideline, items bought and sold, rides found, learned about local stuff, clicked on the webcam link, looked for business info and store hours, gave away your precious items, borrowed something, was reunited with something you lost or volunteered for the organizations you care about most.

As you know, sometimes there is a glitch in the system and we go offline, only to scramble around for hours trying to figure out what went wrong. We are keeping our fingers crossed it won't happen again and also know that at some point in the future we need to switch to a different system that continues to offer this to our community but also accepts larger photos, sends out newsletters again and allows for some expansion here and there.

In the meantime, thank you for continuing to participate, there would not be a Tideline without you. As a daily visitor, a sponsor, or as a contributor. For everything you offer to the community; classes, updates, items, rides, stories, your business info & dances. The organizations you work or volunteer for. Your time and energy is appreciated no matter where you put it.

As we are getting closer to the New Year I realized I missed the opportunity again to create a calendar or do something like that to raise funds. I did that before and it was a great success but the last few years have been a bit crazy and I have run out of time again to get it together before 2023 starts. So I'll put that on next years list of things to do (again) and in the meantime ask for your support this way:

If you appreciate the Tideline and what we do, please consider:
• send me a note, that always lifts my spirits
(especially snail mail at PO Box 107, Whaletown, BC, V0P1Z0)
• send a donation, we accept cheques, etransfers at or you can donate via our secure page here:

If you don't feel like writing and can't afford to make a donation or choose not to; Please continue to visit us, contribute to the site by posting photos and events, support sponsors, give away and trade as much as you can so that we can all continue to be part of our sharing community.

Thank you! 😊