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General News · 10th September 2022
Sonya Friesen
To Klahoose Chief Steven Brown and members

I am so sorry to hear that these questions you expressed in your post were asked of you. The questions were no doubt hurtful, offensive, and wrong.

I can however say for sure that all of us who have been involved in the last month of communications, petitions, asking for changes to the logging plans for the Anvil area were not the ones who asked you those questions. Many were not there at all.

It was a small peaceful roadside presence across the road from the logging, not a blockade of any sort. We chose to gather because we heard that road clearing had started and 2 people had been shockingly charged by the police the day before. I also learnt that evening that the Anvil watershed part of the road would not be built. That was great news, Thankyou. I was still very concerned about the rest of the road being built.

I was not there on the roadside when the harmful questions were asked, I was in the forest sitting on a log in an area of the forest I was still hoping to protect. I did not plan to do that but after hearing the saws my heart took over my head. I was arrested and charged. This is all very difficult.

I guess I fit your definition of a protester. I would prefer protector. I understand in reading your post you feel that in doing so as a protester I disrespected the Klahoose people. I do not agree. I have nothing but respect for the Klahoose people. I understand clearly, I do not have the right as a non-indigenous person to protest/protect on unceded stolen First Nation territories without permission. I am not new to this very complex reality. I'm always unsure about what is right or wrong and just confused by us strange humans and how we will get through what's coming at us and all the other species. I’m hoping my few words here express things that are impossible to say. Deep sadness all around. Any Klahoose members who wish to contact me please do.

Sonya Friesen 250-935-6954 or email