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General News · 13th August 2022
Darshan Stevens & Alex Hornby
We are deeply indebted to the Cortes Island community for supporting us and helping facilitate all the processes around the death of Jennifer Stevens.

It was one of the hardest times of our lives, but it would have been so much more difficult without the very generous offerings of medical care, food, cleaning, planning, housing of funeral attendees, flowers, event set up and take down, coffin building, photography, videography, and child care.

A huge thank you to all below, in no particular order:
Marnie, Mary-Jo & Peter, Hayley, Shannon & Monica, Dancing Wolf, Henri H, Dayna, Alanah, Catriona, Kira & Edward, Sara & Carey, Jeanne, Heidi H, Bernice, Erin (our wonderful new nurse), Joy K, Mat C, Dustin, Meg W, Bill F, Meinsje, David Ellingsen, Bill & Siobhan, Sam & Simone, Nancy S, Krista Ma, Candice, Carie & Sunflower truck, Lovena, Joy S, Pat B, Kate M & Mike, Samantha S, Maria M, Priya & Thomas, Miranda, Sonya F, Christina and Paul, Jeramie & Aaron, Juli N, Susanna, Maureen, Sachia, Xuan, Caz, Weyler/Gibbons clan, Steve M, Orianne Lee, Namchi, Aiya, Connie & Colin, Mags & Phil, Dean, Tony T, Angel & Lori-Ann, Hollyhock garden.

This list is not exhaustive and we apologize for anyone we've forgotten. Thank you to those who helped behind the scenes, and thank you to those who offered and we didn't take you up on it.

Thank you to family & friends from off-island that stepped in and stepped up. Shout out to Darshan's dear friend Reed Osler who left her family on Saltspring to live in our sauna for a week and look after our baby and feed us breakfast every day!

And a very special thank you to the Community-Led Death Caring team. Especially Emma, Yasmina, and Margaret. This organization is teaching us as a community how to reclaim the death process and truly honour our loved one as they pass. I (Darshan), am at a loss for words as to how I can ever thank them enough for their presence, wisdom and knowledge.

This death would have been a very different, more painful and more traumatic experience without their gentle guiding hands.

Thank you Cortes Community. I am so grateful, and I am so sad.

Love Darshan, Alex and our extended family.