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General News · 1st August 2022
Dancing Wolf

Please tune into From The Muse's Garden at 5:0o today (Monday) on 89.5 CKTZ for a tribute to my friend Jennifer Stevens who left this world last Tuesday.

There are several offerings from friends and loved ones as well as some beautiful words from Jen herself.

You can hear a rebroadcast on Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. or listen to Podcasts anytime at

The link is below

It was a painful week for many of us and the outpouring of Love was extraordinary and truly Cortesian.

I wrote this for Jen at 6:00 a.m. Friday morning


Grief broke into my house last night
shattering every window and door
Took my heart on a wingless flight
into the depths of sorrowís core

No mask my mind ever made
could hide me from itís pain
No task could blind me to the spade
to dig into the ground of the arcane

Metaphor alone canít enter mystery
but grief is not a poem
It is a life force transcending history
welcome it into your home

Your pain is not so different than mine
so why do we hide it from each other
there are ways agony can meet the divine
like the body helping baby meet itís mother

Last night in the cemetery
truth was as present as each tear
Because I believe in Elf and Faerie
Jenís alive in my heart right here

As members of her family spoke
at full attention I listened
and in the hearing my armor broke
and another pair of eye glistened

I remembered how when Charles died
how Jen would go to the beach
open herself to Griefís great tide
and find his Spirit within reach

Then it dawned on me with such light
how her first gift to me was the best
Singing together her smile so bright
My soul will be forever blessed

Ninety million miles away
the sun still warms the earth
Jenís radiance will always convey
the precious wonder of her worth

Dancing Wolf
July 29, 2022