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General News · 27th July 2022
Max T
Join your neighbours to address and acknowledge the biodiversity and climate emergencies.

This friday at 5pm.
On the CCEDA land, behind the FOCI Office and the CKTZ radio stn.

This is an emergency:

"We define emergency (E) as the product of risk and urgency. Risk (R) is defined by insurers as probability (p) multiplied by damage (D). Urgency (U) is defined in emergency situations as reaction time to an alert (τ) divided by the intervention time left to avoid a bad outcome (T). Thus:

E = R × U = p × D × τ / T

The situation is an emergency if both risk and urgency are high. If reaction time is longer than the intervention time left (τ / T > 1), we have lost control.

We argue that the intervention time left to prevent tipping could already have shrunk towards zero, whereas the reaction time to achieve net zero emissions is 30 years at best. Hence we might already have lost control of whether tipping happens. A saving grace is that the rate at which damage accumulates from tipping — and hence the risk posed — could still be under our control to some extent.

The stability and resilience of our planet is in peril. International action — not just words — must reflect this."

It can be hard to be alone in the awareness that we live in a society that is largely unphased by the unimaginably immense risks now being taken.

There are others. And there are things we can do. And being together helps (usually).

WTF friday is inspired by Fridays for Future: