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General News · 17th July 2022
Dominik Domanski
Sailing has always been viewed by me as the ultimate expression of human freedom. It is unfortunately in stark contrast to the story of Masha, her two 12-year-old daughters, and her late husband from Ukraine. This tragic story is one of many and by now is likely a familiar one of people simply seeking the freedom to live in peace. Masha and her two daughters, Sofija and Zabawa, moved into our apartment in Warsaw after fleeing to Poland days after the invasion. When they left their home and their loved ones, they had no idea where they would stay. Masha and the girls travelled by train for 36 hours, standing on their feet throughout the journey due to the overcrowded conditions, with only two small backpacks with their belongings. We heard about them from a Ukrainian friend when they were at the Polish border and felt our home was the least we could offer to a fellow family, to an attacked neighbor just across our border. For those of you that haven’t met us yet, we are a half-Polish and half-Canadian family, with two small children of our own planning our life in BC. During the tumultuous time after the invasion, we felt a tiny amount of relief, as did Masha and her loved ones left in Ukraine, that she and her daughters were at least safe. Masha’s husband, Sergiy, a scientist could not leave, as most men, and joined the war effort delivering supplies for those in need. Masha, a very passionate person, continued working as an editor and her talented daughters spent their time making art, often reflecting their pain over what was happening. You can see their drawings in this article, powerful art, but which should not be created by any child. The months apart were becoming harder as was the mounting stress over the new reality of the war and the uncertain future, emphasized especially by bombings just a few hundred meters from their home. Finally, on the 2nd of July, Masha decided that they would return to their home in Kiev to be with Sergiy as the girls missed their dad too much and couldn’t cope with it anymore. After only a week of being finally together, Sergiy was killed in a car accident. This tragedy has squeezed at our hearts and has left us in disbelief.

We would like to collect money in a fundraiser for Masha and her daughters, by taking guests sailing as offered in our Sailing Tours ( All the money raised from this will go to them. I will be offering these sailing tours on three different days, for a maximum of four guests per day. Although the sailing tour is by donation, we would like to ask for a minimum of $65 per person (normally offered by me for $165 through Airbnb) with the aim of raising a perceptible amount.

Please contact Dominik at 778 676 0825 to book your spot on one of the Sailing Tours or for more options:

First Day: July 22nd

Second Day: July 24th

Third Day: July 25th

Thank you for your support,

Dominik Domanski & Ania Perzanowska